February 2013

In This Month’s Issue: February 2013

Performance: Diana Wortham Theatre (pg 4); Amici Music (pg 8); Opera Creations (pg 9)

Stage Preview: Different Strokes, Vesta (pg 6); The Understudy at NC Stage (pg 7)

Fine Art: Claying Around (pg 10); Folk Art Center (pg 11); Work of heART (pg 12); Fantastic Mechanics (pg 37)

Music: J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices (pg 15); Ken Stringfellow (pg 16)

Shops: C.W. Worth House (pg 19); Chocolate Bear (pg 21); SolA Therapeutic Salt Cave (pg 22); The Chocolate Fetish (pg 30); Charlotte Street Computers (pg 32)

Movie Reviews: Chip Kaufmann & Michelle Keenan (25)

Restaurants: O’Charley’s (pg 29); The Classic WineSeller (pg 20)

Columnists: Greg Vineyard, Fine Art (pg 13); James Cassara, Music (pg 14); Eddie LeShure, Jazz (pg 16); Marcianne Miller, Books (pg 17); Judy Ausley, Southern Comfort (pg 24); Bill Walz, Artful Living (pg 23); Peter Loewer, The Curmudgeon (pg 24); Max Hammonds, MD, Health (pg 33); David J. Simchock, Photo Tips (pg 38)

Toons: Best in Show by Phil Juliano (pg 34 ); Callie & Cats by Amy Downs (pg 34); Corgi Tales by Phil Hawkins (pg 35); Dragin by Michael Cole (pg 34); Prismeous & Nous (pg 35); Ratchet & Spin by T.Oder, R.Woods (pg 35)