Realizing Emerald City

Lydia Scott, is a counselor, spiritual advisor and addiction specialist.
Lydia Scott, is a counselor, spiritual advisor and addiction specialist.

Find Your True Power on the Yellow Brick Road

Alcoholics Anonymous is a well documented program that has restored hope for millions by changing their lives.

True rags to riches stories abound in the original 12-steps’ programs. Why should the “Anonymous people” have the corner on life-changing miracles? Most recovering people wished the rest of the world could get hold of this wonderful program for spiritual awakening. Now everyone can access these miracles.

Realizing Emerald City is an introduction to the 12-Rainbow Gates. It is about 200 pages which includes the allegory of the “Wizard of Oz.” This makes for an entertaining and enlightening reading experience.

The Rainbow Gates are a derivative of these miracle-producing steps. The 12-Rainbow Gates utilize the perspective of laws of attraction, “A Course in Miracles” concepts and universal truths. Some of the modification of the 12-steps came from a renowned spiritualist, Abraham Hick’s critique of the 12-step programs. Other changes include redefining powerlessness and removal of outdated phrases like “character defects,” “moral inventory,” “Him” and “Higher Power.”

The Rainbow Gates are focused on:

  • True Power
  • True Purpose
  • True Peace
  • True Partnership
  • True Prosperity

The release date for Realizing Emerald City is August 1, 2014. Look for it on Visit

About Lydia Scott

As a counselor, spiritual advisor and addiction specialist Lydia guides outwardly successful people toward inner success by showing them how to harness their true power. It’s a transformative power that changes people and the world around them.

Lydia’s personal story inspires audiences to reach for their best. It’s a heroic story. She overcame multiple addictions, and later, disabling depression after losing a 13 year court battle to have contact with her minor children. Despite these obstacles she returned to college at age 40, earned an MSW with high honors all while co-founding a non-profit that feeds, houses and supports people with disabilities.

In regard to partnership, Lydia’s 16 year marriage to the love of her life and a self-proclaimed “recovering sociopath” gave Lydia the perspective needed to realize the function and meaning of true partnership while studying “A Course in Miracles.” Her unique perspective on relationships re-frames their purpose so the individuals within it flourish. She views true partnership as a path to quantum awakening.

Her business adventure of starting a non-profit and buying commercial property with no money down demonstrates she understands mindful and miraculous business practices. This was accomplished with pending bankruptcy, foreclosure and eviction all while living in a hotel and dealing with a city hostile toward the housing rights of her clients. Lydia Scott navigated the storm of social discrimination and ended up securing their housing rights. Additionally, Lydia is one of the first to crack the insurance code in her industry, aiding clients to be reimbursed for the clinical aspects of their housing.

If you would like to know more about Lydia Scott or the Rainbow Gates visit, call (828) 242-8177, or email