Blossom on Main new take on traditional Thai

Looking for authentic Thai food with creative Fusion menu items, then Blossom on Main: Thai Fusi

Thai Shrimp Salad with Pears — Shrimp, Pear’s and tossed greens with a hot peanut dressing
Thai Shrimp Salad with Pears —
Shrimp, Pear’s and tossed greens with a hot peanut dressing

on, in downtown Waynesville is worth checking out.


The menu contains all the authentic favorites, as well as, new Fusion items like Thai Pizza, Trout Wrap made with local Sunburst Trout, Asian Pear and Shrimp salad, Red Curry Macaroni and Cheese and more.

The Eggplant Basil dish is wonderful, complete with Asian Eggplant purchased fresh at a local Asian Market.

Fearful of heat? Don’t be. Most dishes can be prepared mild for those who aren’t keen on a heavy amount of spice. The servers explain the dishes and ingredients well.

Blossom offers great desserts. However, plan ahead for dessert as their portion sizes are plentiful. They have the traditional Mango and Sticky Rice, Mango Sorbet, Housemade Coconut Cake and Chocolate Flourless Torte

Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.

They have an excellent wine menu, a nice assortment of bottled beer and lots of sake.

Try the sake flight so you can taste many of the different flavors.

Blossom will change your mind if you think you don’t like sake.

New owners opened Blossom on Main, Thai Fusion in January 2015.

“Our biggest obstacle in the last year has been to inform our potential customers that Thai food is not spicy,” says owner, Julie Katt. “There are some naturally spicy dishes and we can make anything spicy or very spicy, but the majority of Thai food is savory and sweet.”

Katt adds, “The Sake flights are probably the most fun thing we serve, as customers are always surprised at how good sake tastes. The coconut  cake is a perfect close to lunch or dinner.”

Open daily from 11:30-9pm.

28 N Main St, Waynesville 

(828) 454-5400