Audiobook Review: “Wild Ride: Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination”

Wild Ride: Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination

Adam Lashinsky

Read by Adam Lashinsky

How does a company go from an idea to being one of the world’s most influential businesses and highest grossing start-ups of the 21st Century?

Adam Lashinsky, a veteran Silicon Valley reporter, unveils the inside story of Uber’s bid for global domination. Uber is one of the most fascinating and controversial businesses in the world, known for its innovative ride-hailing app which can practically locate you anywhere and have a driver come pick you up even if you have no clue where exactly you may be, and its snarky if not just rude CEO Travis Kalanick.

The story isn’t just about how Uber became UBER, or about Kalanick’s rise as a world CEO celebrity in the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. This book examines society’s need of technology and its thirst for more innovative creations.

Kalanick wages war against politicians and taxi companies all over the world, pushing the boundaries of what modern workforce means moving forward where drivers and dispatchers are a thing of the past, and perhaps even owning a car.

Uber is fighting local competitors and lawmakers for markets around the world; it has already faced riots and protests in cities like Paris, Mumbai, and Mexico City. It has also poached entire departments from top research universities in a push to build the first self-driving car and possibly replace the very drivers it’s working so hard to recruit now.

Uber has ascended to the pantheon of canonical tech businesses that includes Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. Kalanick and Uber’s story is as dramatic and consequential for both business people and the average reader as any of those companies’ stories are.Lashinsky who has written for Fortune, author of Inside Apple, and is one of the best-known journalists in Silicon Valley writes one of my favorite books on Technology. His style though his own, resembles Jon Krakauer by giving his book a journalistic feel.

Uber may be a fixture in the news, but Lashinsky’s book will be the first comprehensive investigation of the company’s origins and future.

This audiobook is read by Lashinsky who proves to be an excellent reader and manages to keep the listener engaged through a craft that takes many professional readers years of study to accomplish, the art of casual conversation as if telling you a wonderful story on a long drive. The book is short about seven and a half hours and stays focused.

Lashinsky is one of the most recognized and respected journalists reporting on Silicon Valley and tech. He has been at Fortune since 2001, is the Editorial Director of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, and appears regularly as a commentator on the Fox News Channel. His reporting has won a Mirror Award.

Not only is Lashinsky one of the most experienced investigative reporters in tech, but he also has access to current and former employees at both Uber and its competitors around the world. The result will be the juiciest, most complete consideration of the company and its strategies and schemes.

Author Bio: ADAM LASHINSKY is an assistant managing editor at Fortune, editorial director of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, and a co-chair of Fortune Global Forum. He is also the author of the 2012 bestseller Inside Apple and a regular commentator on Fox News. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. Residence: San Francisco, CA Social: @adamlashinsky; 39k Twitter followers

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