NYC-based rockers Evening Darling • Release their self-titled, debut album • Concert August 8

Evening Darling
August 8, 2017
Galactic Sanctuary
Ashville, NC
It’s a show on a farm so fans can Facebook message the band for the address.

Watch: Evening Darling – “Another Long Drive” (Jam In The Van @ SXSW) –

“With elements of indie rock and good old country soul, this new single makes waves in an evolving folk community while maintaining the socially-conscious ethos, and we welcome it with open arms.”  – All Things Go

Sometimes you need to refresh to move forward. Having spent three years cutting their teeth in the NYC live music scene under their former identity, The Hunting Party, Erica Lane (lead vocals), Nick Lerangis (guitars, vox), Dan Burke (drums) and Dave Letchinger (keyboard) took stock of where they were at following the release of that band’s last EP.

The quartet would strike out on their own honing their alt-folk, americana style with shows played in towns big and small all up and down the Eastern seaboard. Burke insists that he saw “Evening, Darling!” sprayed across the side of a desolate Queens warehouse while driving to the band’s rehearsal studio in Gowanus. Although the band has been unable to locate that tag since, they quickly adopted it as their new moniker.

With Ryan “Rusty” Loftus (guitars) and Brett Saxon (bass) added to the fold, Evening Darling laid down their debut, self-titled LP out April 14th, 2017. Working with producer Jeremy Backofen (The Felice Brothers), the band crafts a bright, vibrant, rich alt-folk sound with Lane’s soaring vocal leading the way or in beautiful harmony with Lerangis.

Look for more from Evening Darling out now via self-release. Email if you manage to find the “Evening, Darling!” graffiti somewhere along the BQE. They’ll reward you handsomely.