RALSTON FOX SMITH solo exhibition Furtherance at Pink Dog Creative

RALSTON FOX SMITH solo exhibition Furtherance at Pink Dog Creative
Asheville contemporary artist, Ralston Fox Smith, is proud to announce a
solo exhibition of his paintings at Pink Dog Gallery (348 Depot Street) in
Asheville’s River Arts District. The show, Furtherance, will run from November
10th through December 17th, with an opening reception on November 10th from
6-9pm. Fox has earned a strong following among collectors: his paintings hang in
private and public collections around the world.
Furtherance represents a progression and transformation of vision as Fox has
explored abstract and surreal landscapes and pushed beyond into the world of
pure geometric abstraction. This exhibit is an opportunity to explore that evolution
and to revel in his most recent compelling work.
The geometry of nature – from tree trunks and boulders to vast crop fields – have
long been the building blocks of Fox’s work. The sharp lines and angles of man-
made structures have also fueled the evolution of clean and ordered constructs in
his work. With his newest collection, Fox has pushed further into the role of
geometry, spatial relationships, and inherent positive and negative balance. On a
two-dimensional surface, Fox expresses his response to chaotic energy through
dynamic geometric constructs in a clean hard-edged manner. Furtherance is your
chance to tap into that spirited power, which Fox calls both “honest and uplifting.”
Ralston Fox Smith grew up in southeastern New Hampshire and later attended
Amherst College as well as the Santa Monica College of Design, Art and
Architecture. He lives in Asheville, NC with his amazing wife, two children and
large dog, and shares a large studio north of downtown on the French Broad River
with three exceptionally talented artists.
Please go to ralstonfoxsmith.com for more a comprehensive look at Fox’s work.
And for more information about Pink Dog Creative, please go to pinkdog-creative.com