“Smokies Chronicle,” Ben Anderson offers observa­tions on natural and human history

Author Ben Anderson


This book has a publication date of June 6, 2017

As the national park system celebrated its centen­nial in 2016, Ben Anderson decided to explore and closely observe, across the seasons, as much of the nation’s most popular national park as practicable during the year. On the three or four hikes he took each month, he revisited a number of trails he was familiar with from previous hiking and backpacking excursions, often through his role as a Smokies back­country volunteer for more than 20 years. Even on familiar trails, he sought a greater perspective and deeper insight into the park.

In Smokies Chronicle, Anderson offers observa­tions on natural and human history, mountain cul­ture, geography, geology, flora, and fauna. The book also deftly blends the personal with the universal in a compelling mix of entries from the backcountry.

Although this book can be used as a helpful trail guide, it also provides a fresh look and an engaging narrative about our most heavily visited national park, through the eyes and ears of a writer who has an extensive history with the park.

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