Using Wake Up Lights To Improve Your Health

By James Backer

We all want to feel healthier with more energy throughout the day. Is it possible to improve your health using a wake-up light? Well, the answer is YES!


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What is a Wake-Up Light?
To understand how a wake-up light can improve your health you first need to know what is a wake-up light.

Wake up light also known as a sunrise alarm clock or simulated sunrise alarm is an electronic device that stimulates sunrise using a lux light. Wake up light bring down the production of melatonin hormones which is responsible for sleep and increase the level of cortisol in your body.

It can help you wake up more gently and improve your day with more energy and feeling much more refreshed.

How is waking up affect my health?

Most of us use the traditional alarm clocks, and the funny fact is that most of us hate alarm clocks.

According to Forbes and Statista, only 1 in 7 Americans wake up feeling fresh every day. This is a very disturbing numbers that show that 6 in 7 Americans wakes up tired and with less energy which directly affects their health.

Four Proven Facts that Wake Up Light Improve Your Health

1.) Morning Cortisol – Wake up lights improve cortisol and help morning cortisol to peak. Which help you feel much more refreshed and calm during the day.

2.) Melatonin – Wake up lights can help you control the level of melatonin; it helps you keep it lowest at morning so that you won’t feel tired.

3.) Depression – Wake up lights are therapeutic devices, that easing down depression. There are a particular type of devices called “sad lights” that using the same technology for helping people with depression.

4.) Peaceful – No more rude sounds, and no more snoozing! Just wake up more refreshed and calm.

Wake-up light devices can be used by anyone who wants to wake up feeling more relaxed and alerts. It can help you wake up more easily and improve your health by providing you more energy and improving your overall mood.