JUNIE B. JONES IS NOT A CROOK, April 21 – April 22


(L-r) Abby Welchel and Josie Ostendorff as Junie B. Jones

Kids at HART presents JUNIE B. JONES IS NOT A CROOK, April 21 – April 22. Performances take place at HART Theater, located at 250 Pigeon Street, Waynesville. Tickets can be purchased in person at the HART box office, by phone at (828) 456-6322 or online at www.harttheatre.org.


Based on two books from the wildly popular series by Barbara Park, Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook and Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren, the iconic and beloved Junie B. bursts onto the stage. After her favorite pair of black furry mittens goes missing, Junie B. assumes that the wonderful pen she finds on the floor should be “finders keepers.” Her kindergarten conundrums are further complicated when the new boy in school, who is the handsomest boy she has ever seen, thinks she is a nutball. Family audiences will follow Junie B. through it all as she learns that honesty is the best policy.


The cast features the talents of Josie Ostendorff, Logan Norman, Melodie Erickson, Haiden Woods, Jackson Woody, Gabriel Dial, Abby Welchel, Elisebeth Erickson, Madison Sugg, Ashlyn Clark, Austin Clark, Megan Galloway, Hannah Crawford, and Tom Dewees.


“Junie B. is clever, funny and spirited—and yes, a bit misguided at times. But that’s part of what makes her adventures relatable,” says director, Shelia Sumpter. “We all struggle with good judgment at times—both children and adults—so it’s no wonder that watching Junie B. sort through the world in front of her is so endlessly entertaining.”