Lunch with Dr. Bart Ehrman, Noon Saturday Feb 17, Harmon’s Den Bistro at HART Theater

Tickets for the event are $30 each and are available at Blue Ridge Books. The ticket includes a soup, salad, and sandwich buffet with tea or coffee and a coupon for $10 toward the purchase of The Triumph of Christianity.

Once again, Blue Ridge Books will host Dr. Bart Ehrman to discuss his newest book. The Triumph of Christianity is the story of how Christianity grew from a religion of 20 or so peasants in rural Galilee to the dominant religion in the West in less than 400 years. Christianity didn’t have to become the dominant religion in the West. It easily could have remained a sect of Judaism fated to have the historical importance of the Sadducees or the Essenes. In The Triumph of Christianity, Bart Ehrman, a master explainer of Christian history, texts, and traditions, shows how a religion whose first believers were twenty or so illiterate day laborers in a remote part of the empire became the official religion of Rome, converting some thirty million people in just four centuries. The Triumph of Christianity combines in-depth knowledge and meticulous research in an eye-opening, immensely readable narrative that upends the way we think about the single most important cultural transformation our world has ever seen–one that revolutionized art, music, literature, philosophy, ethics, economics, and law.

Blue Ridge Books
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