Magic Show with “Haydini” April 13, 2018 at Diana Wortham Theater

Haydini |  Magician
April 13, 2018 • 8:00 PM
Haydini Magician Website

You’ve never seen a magician like Haydini! Haydini is a 23 year-old magician from Charlotte, NC who specializes in the art of illusion, and since the age of 10, Haydini has worked his way up from busking the streets of uptown Charlotte to headlining venues in the bustling art/theater/comedy venues in the Charlotte area. He has performed for organizations such as Emory University and Bosch, and has been gaining popularity for his original and fast-paced, interactive magic show.

Haydini’s magic show will feature amazing feats such as:

•    Magic illusions with a random audience member’s borrowed smartphone.
•    Vanishing his girlfriend right in front of your eyes! Don’t worry, she (probably) re-appears.
•    Haydini’s signature sleight of hand card tricks that you have to see to believe.

You may have seen Haydini on local television outlets in the Carolinas performing magic such as making a thought of an animal appear in a signed photograph, or vomiting a thought of playing card!

You’ve seen rabbits pulled out of hats… now see hats pulled out of rabbits!

Tickets: Regular $30; Student $24;
$10 Student Rush Tickets with valid college / high school ID required day of show.

Friday Apr 13, 2018 @ 8:00 PM