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The Curmudgeon Lashes Out

by Peter Loewer “Well,” shouted the Curmudgeon as he strutted like a peacock through the open door of the General Store… (Mrs. Storekeep believed that every day a bit of new air should replace that air that might have been used up by the shoppers of the day before), “did you all go out and  Continue Reading »

Dum Vivimus Vivamus

While we live, let us live by Peter Loewer Hopefully, some of our readers will recall Curmudgeon’s statement at the end of last month’s report… …to wit: “I want you to help me build a great balloon and we will fly to Raleigh and straighten out the future of North Carolina!” Using the history of  Continue Reading »

Raise Your Eyes to the Heavens

by Peter Loewer Some readers will recall the end of last month’s column. In brief: Curmudgeon suggested that the various members of the General Store Membership List might be persuaded to join him for a jaunt around the area, using his Chevy truck for the mode of transportation, promising an early lunch where the food  Continue Reading »

All Work and No Play

by Peter Loewer Note: It should be remembered by those who have been following the exploits of The Curmudgeon, that before the transformation into his present character — and after a two-year sojourn in the US Army — he completed a degree in liberal arts. Then he worked around Asheville for years, first as a  Continue Reading »