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Fine Art

Building a Recipe, 2014. 
Illustration by Greg Vineyard

Woozlemuffins in My Kitchen

Different Ways of Thinking by Greg Vineyard In a recent discussion, I proposed a food analogy for different ways individuals process information. I got to thinking about buffets and desserts. Layer cake in particular came to mind, because it is stratified, and demonstrates linear thought. It is intended to exemplify Listers and Outliners who think …

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Weekly Spin Grid, 2014, photo by Greg Vineyard

Jumble, Tumble & Spin

There is ALWAYS Something New in the Universe by Greg Vineyard I believe that connecting seemingly unrelated concepts generates fresh ideas. A lot of my new thoughts stream-in at the laundromat while watching my stumbling clothes in the dryers. Even though most of the contents are the same every week – especially for those who …

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Goals & Plans, 2014, 
mixed media by Greg Vineyard

The Eighty-Twenty Principle

…And Other Unusual Math Ratios by Greg Vineyard Math can be a funny thing. Including several non-traditional concepts I offer up here. Like “age-math.” Ask someone: “How old do I look?” and you’ll see them quickly calculating “Eek-What-Do-I-Say Math” in their heads. And there’s the ol’ “I-Relied-On-My-ATM-Receipt-For-My-Balance Math.” And let’s not forget “Weather-Forecaster Math.” Where …

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Earl Grey – Hot! 
Illustration by Greg Vineyard

Suspension of Disbelief

Straddling Various Worlds by Greg Vineyard Many forms of entertainment require a suspension of disbelief. Sitcoms and rom-coms, for example, often expect one to believe that anyone can have a fabulous New York flat, that all couches face the viewer, and that no mere set of wacky circumstances can hinder true love. Science fiction, however, …

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Greg Vineyard is an artist, writer and creative consultant in Asheville, NC. ZaPOW Gallery in downtown Asheville carries his illustrations, giclees prints and cards,