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Fine Art

Before & After The Storm.  Photography by Greg Vineyard

Beauty in the Chaos

Observing and Absorbing by Greg Vineyard Our dramatically fluctuating weather can throw our local flora into a bit of a tizzy. Recently, the pink magnolia tree in my yard was suddenly in full bloom after a too-warm week, so I ran out into the increasing chill to photograph its sun-dappled flowers against the crisp, blue  Continue Reading »

Big Bend, by Ruth Meaders

Ruth Meaders

Journeys Under Blue Skies by Greg Vineyard Our highly-creative Western North Carolina art community grants us a type of continuous discovery-mode. We’re seeing new art and meeting the fascinating people who make it. Artists offer the magic of shared journeys, providing connection, inspiration and real joy. I first met Ruth Meaders last fall on a  Continue Reading »

Ode to Orion and Vicente, 2014. 
Mixed-media illustration by Greg Vineyard

Grounded in Art

Inspirations High And Low by Greg Vineyard When I was younger (a long time ago, in a state far, far away), I would gaze up into the sky and locate the ever-present Big Dipper, a constellation completely unaware of its role in my typically human, but also wondrous, connective ritual. In this part of the  Continue Reading »

Radical Normalcy, 2013. 
Pastel by Greg Vineyard

A Radical New Year

Time to Realizationalize Yourself! by Greg Vineyard Sometimes the smallest decision can turn out to be quite the radical action. Take deciding whether to get out of bed, for example. If one does not arise, the chain of events of the day – both the very typical as well as the unexpectedly atypical ones –  Continue Reading »


Greg Vineyard is an artist, writer and creative consultant in Asheville, NC. ZaPOW Gallery in downtown Asheville carries his illustrations, giclees prints and cards,