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Connections, 2015. Illustration by Greg Vineyard

Increase Your LocalNess

Monster Myths and Consumerism by Greg Vineyard I’m not sure WHY I randomly think about things like the Loch Ness Monster, except that it fits in well with my science fiction trendencies. I’m also a proponent of our region’s strong Buy Local movement. “Loch Ness”… “Local-ness”… I guess the two thoughts were destined to parallel …

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Wonderment, 2014. Illustration by Greg Vineyard

Stay On The Path

It’s a Wide Avenue of Wonderment by Greg Vineyard I recently unearthed some of my old writings – and I mean REALLY old, like, from the 1970s. (Seals & Crofts who?) The boxes contained folder after folder of horribleishness, full of inexcusable habits – like MADE UP WORDS. This stuff, which I can only label …

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Revolution Heart Series, 2014, 
illustration by Greg Vineyard

Resolve to Revolt!

The Art of Giving by Greg Vineyard In the design field, “resolution” has everything to do with clarity. In physics, “revolution” is about cycles and movement. At the end of each year, there is great focus on New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve written in the past about my belief that every day is when we can …

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Building a Recipe, 2014. 
Illustration by Greg Vineyard

Woozlemuffins in My Kitchen

Different Ways of Thinking by Greg Vineyard In a recent discussion, I proposed a food analogy for different ways individuals process information. I got to thinking about buffets and desserts. Layer cake in particular came to mind, because it is stratified, and demonstrates linear thought. It is intended to exemplify Listers and Outliners who think …

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Greg Vineyard is an artist, writer and creative consultant in Asheville, NC. ZaPOW Gallery in downtown Asheville carries his illustrations, giclees prints and cards,