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Fine Art

Weekly Spin Grid, 2014, photo by Greg Vineyard

Jumble, Tumble & Spin

There is ALWAYS Something New in the Universe by Greg Vineyard I believe that connecting seemingly unrelated concepts generates fresh ideas. A lot of my new thoughts stream-in at the laundromat while watching my stumbling clothes in the dryers. Even though most of the contents are the same every week – especially for those who …

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Goals & Plans, 2014, 
mixed media by Greg Vineyard

The Eighty-Twenty Principle

…And Other Unusual Math Ratios by Greg Vineyard Math can be a funny thing. Including several non-traditional concepts I offer up here. Like “age-math.” Ask someone: “How old do I look?” and you’ll see them quickly calculating “Eek-What-Do-I-Say Math” in their heads. And there’s the ol’ “I-Relied-On-My-ATM-Receipt-For-My-Balance Math.” And let’s not forget “Weather-Forecaster Math.” Where …

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Earl Grey – Hot! 
Illustration by Greg Vineyard

Suspension of Disbelief

Straddling Various Worlds by Greg Vineyard Many forms of entertainment require a suspension of disbelief. Sitcoms and rom-coms, for example, often expect one to believe that anyone can have a fabulous New York flat, that all couches face the viewer, and that no mere set of wacky circumstances can hinder true love. Science fiction, however, …

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Reaching for The Gold Star, 2014, pastel by Greg Vineyard


All Moments Great & Small by Greg Vineyard Bibliophiles will recognize that sub-head as a nod to British veterinarian turned author, James Herriot. I grew up reading books I could not have predicted would stay in my thoughts throughout the years, yet they appear now and then like slow bubbles rising up through ancient tar. …

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Greg Vineyard is an artist, writer and creative consultant in Asheville, NC. ZaPOW Gallery in downtown Asheville carries his illustrations, giclees prints and cards,