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17th Annual Poetry Contest Winners

1st Place: “Taking Issue with Kahlil Gibran” by Lenore Coberly 2nd Place: “Olympic Peninsula” by James Davis 3rd Place: “Warm Afternoon at Jeff’s” by Connor Vine Honorable Mention: “A Wink to Byron Katie” by Janice Sutton Honorable Mention: “Trip Taking” by William W. Cobbs II Honorable mention A Wink to Byron Katie Who are you  Continue Reading »

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Poems by Majo John Madden

SCRUPULOSITY I look around me At the ruins of my room The jumbled piles of projects Still half-done The dregs of documents picked up While I was on the run Could I resurrect them now? The desiccated bones Of where I’ve been All unnerve me with their watchful eyes They surround me, whisper low my  Continue Reading »

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Poems by Tracey Schmidt

Enough She dreamed Of the day she would have Enough courage To drop her idea Of the way it Should be. Then, she would step Into the wild pool And bathe into the Joy that only This letting go Could bring. When her heart asked her, “When will this be?” She ran a thousand miles  Continue Reading »

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Sic transit gloria mundi

“Sic transit gloria mundi,” “How doth the busy bee,” “Dum vivimus vivamus,” I stay mine enemy! Oh “veni, vidi, vici!” Oh caput cap-a-pie! And oh “memento mori” When I am far from thee! Hurrah for Peter Parley! Hurrah for Daniel Boone! Three cheers, sir, for the gentleman Who first observed the moon! Peter, put up  Continue Reading »


Carol Pearce Bjorlie

Carol Pearce Bjorlie, the poet behind the cello, is a monthly columnist.

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