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- Forbidden Foods, and Matching Wines by Michael Parker In a recent guest opinion printed in the Mountain Xpress, a local animal lover bemoans the local chefs who offer foie gras. He repeats the allegations of the cruelty behind its production and the resulting environmental devastation, and finishes with “Please join me in boycotting local  Continue Reading »

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Mix Those Flavors! Please That Crowd!

¡Sangría! by Michael Parker All this talk about a Trader Joe’s coming to town, a rumor-turned-reality that was (for reasons that must make sense in the newspaper world) front page news, above the fold, two days in a row. All this means to me is a coming glut of grocery stores, the destruction of already  Continue Reading »

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White and Pink and Where to Drink

- and Suggestions for What to Think by Michael Parker There is a joke that asks, “What’s Irish and comes out in the springtime?” The answer: patio furniture. There’s another joke, an unintentional one, spoken at wine tastings. “This is a nice patio wine.” Those who say it are not joking, they are selling, but  Continue Reading »

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Keeping Up With the Rosés

- a short and sweet note about not-so-sweet pink delight by Michael Parker I lucked up and got to lock up the restaurant even earlier than anticipated. There was a semi-late wine-sippin’ sendoff for a respected local wine guy that I was anxious to attend. As often happens in situations like this, those who do  Continue Reading »