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DVD Picks for April 2014

Chip Kaufmann’s Pick: Sunrise (1927) Is Sunrise the greatest silent movie ever made? Who can say? What is without question is that Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (to give the film its full title) IS one of the greatest films ever made, sound or silent. The fact that we still have it is something  Continue Reading »

DVD-Chatos Land

DVD Picks for March 2014

Chip Kaufmann’s Pick: Chato’s Land (1972) The recent death of Ralph Waite brought back memories of The Waltons but his long stint on that show has obscured his versatility as a character actor which was put to good use in such early 1970s movies as The Stone Killer where he played a dumber than dirt  Continue Reading »


DVD Picks for February 2014

Chip Kaufmann’s Pick: Cavalcade (1933) Noel Coward’s Cavalcade was a huge success in its day. It can easily be seen as the precursor to Upstairs, Downstairs and other iconic BBC shows that followed in its wake. The storyline focuses on two families. Robert and Jane Marryot (Clive Brook and Diana Wynyard) live in a posh  Continue Reading »


DVD Picks for January 2014

Chip Kaufmann’s Pick: The Ruling Class (1972) The recent death of Peter O’Toole presents an interesting problem. Which of his eight Oscar nominations or several other fine performances that weren’t nominated should I choose for my DVD pick? Lawrence of Arabia is everywhere, Becket and The Lion in Winter are well known and My Favorite  Continue Reading »


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