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The Route of All Evil

Route of All Evil

Nevada McPherson A faded red pick-up truck rolls into a trailer park, heading toward a single wide trailer with a rickety deck surrounded by lawn ornaments: flamingos, gnomes, and butterflies. Lila parks the truck and gets out. In her late-thirties, she looks and dresses like a woman with a past: brassy, kind of flashy. Her …

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RF Wilson Sheila Magnuson, a barista at Mean Beans Cafe, was on a break when she noticed that Sam was missing. Sam was a neighborhood icon, always seen seated on a chair outside the front door of the Downtown Gentlemen’s Store. He looked like a life-sized Cabbage Patch doll, overstuffed in old chino pants, a …

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Horse Creek Water Trail Adventure

Maryann Zeliznak Dear Armchair Travelers, The Horse Creek Water Trail is now open! All ye canoers and kayakers gather up your gear. Go meander the many “S” curves. Go with the flow. Just do it. ‘Twas strange to put in amid the blocks of long abandoned Graniteville factories. One never knows where Mother Nature may …

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Sandee Setliff, Artful Words

Acceptance and Chocolate

Sandee Setliff There are some things you can’t change no matter how much you wish you could. Like typing up a story and having it all wiped out by one key stroke. Yes, this was my lot with the first draft of this story. I tried to retrieve it without any luck. At this point …

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