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Mother Earth Produce makes it easier to 
eat local and organic food.

Mother Earth Produce to Turn Three

It’s no surprise that a couple of educators are behind a local company’s quest to help Upstate and Western North Carolina residents learn about the bounty of our local fields and farms. Graham and Andrea Duvall, the owners of Asheville-based Mother Earth Produce (MEP), combined to turn their background in instruction—hers in the classroom and …

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My Sister And The Butterflies of Mexico

Nina Silver Preface The Aztecs believed that butterflies are the souls of our ancestors coming down to earth to be with us. I read that a few years after my father died. It gave me a start and then I smiled. I remembered an incident that happened a week after he died. Do I dare …

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Elizabeth Ellison, The Talking Dog

The Last Train: A Fable

George Ellison When the old man and his dog wandered into town it was just after nine of a Saturday morning. “My bird,” said the old man as he sat down beside me on the bench at the Bryson City depot, “don’t know but just one song. Most who’ve heard it are long gone. Others …

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Bob W Bidding Farewell

Bidding Farewell

RF Wilson The cars of serious buyers and treasure hunters, speculators and the idly curious, inundate the neighborhood. The tree-lined streets are ablaze with orange and red and gold, redolent of football and bonfires, hinting of winter. By 6:30, people are knocking on the door at 136 Maplewood Road demanding to be let in for …

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