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Elizabeth Ellison, Carolina Wren.

5 Sketch Stories

George Ellison. Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison.   I Knew In My Heart “You ask in your letter of the bird that nested beside the cabin door before you went away,” she wrote. “The cabin burned in 1945. After moving to town I listened to him sing on a vinyl 45 record I found in the …

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Miriam Hughes - Beaumont Cottage Studio

Time Flies

Sandee Setliff OK, so fly fishing is way outside my comfort zone, so bear with me. There is something so romantic about the sport: speaking as a woman who only catches her fish in the market place. Men, all decked out in their waders, vests and hats, carrying their rod and reel cases to go …

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rapid river magazine

Bonnie Freewoman

Nick Andrea I pulled in behind her aged frame, permed silver hair, and athletic shoes adorning steadily, striding feet. “That body was young once, but surely there is something inside that never ages,” appeared the thought on the mirror of an observing mind. My thirty-two year old strides gradually carried me closer. As I approached, …

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Bob W Electromagnetism


RF Wilson “Ya know, some people swear this house is haunted,” the man said to his companion as they pushed through sprawling boxwoods that had begun to conquer the front walk. On the phone, she had introduced herself as Phyllis Nyswander of the real estate firm Nyswander and Rivers. She stopped and turned toward him. …

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