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William Fox in 1927 at the height of his career.

William Fox, Hollywood’s Forgotten Mogul

by Chip Kaufmann The next time you watch a TV show on the Fox Network, cheer or hiss a talking head on Fox News, see a movie produced by Twentieth Century Fox (or any studio for that matter), or visit the Fox Theater in Atlanta, then spare a thought for the forgotten man who made  Continue Reading »

Mabel Normand in Won in a Closet.

Mabel Normand: Film Comedy Pioneer Finally Getting Her Due

by Chip Kaufmann Last month marked the 100th anniversary of the first appearance of a movie icon. But, if it weren’t for the intervention of another film comedy pioneer, his first appearance might have been his last. On February 2, 1914 Charlie Chaplin appeared in a Keystone comedy called Making A Living. He hadn’t discovered  Continue Reading »

Acting veteran Bruce Dern 
in Nebraska.

2014 Oscar Musings: Armchair Picks & Preferences

Chip’s Take Here we go again! Nine Best Pictures and only five Best Directors leaving four films that directed themselves. The days of team player directors who shared responsibilities like Michael Curtiz and John Sturges are long gone, so what’s going on here? While it’s a simple matter to remove the four films in question,  Continue Reading »

The Book Thief earned a place in 
Chip’s heart and on his 10 best lists.

Monthly Reel for January 2014

by Michelle Keenan Happy New Year, Dear Readers! Award season is upon us and that’s great news for movie lovers. We’ve spent the last month in movie overload, cramming as many films into our viewing schedules before voting for the Southeast Film Critic Association’s 2013 ballot. We were particularly impressed by the performances worthy of  Continue Reading »


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