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The Rover

Monthly Reel for July 2014

by Michelle Keenan Usually the summer movie season brings action-packed CGI fests, animated blockbusters and little else. This year that is not the case. Asheville continues to book the usual big budget box office fare as well as a host of smaller titles. Since 2008 the good Professor Kaufmann and I have tried to cover …

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Poster for the first major reboot, Godzilla 1985.

60 Years of Godzilla: From Metaphor to Icon

Who would have thought that a radioactive, fire breathing dragon, originally intended to be a metaphor for the firebombing of Tokyo during World War II, would have turned into a cultural icon known and loved (yes, loved) the world over? Certainly not the Japanese, but that’s exactly what happened with Godzilla. by Chip Kaufmann Who …

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Jim Broadbent and Lindsey Duncan star as a long-married couple looking to rekindle their relationship in "Le Weekend."

Get Thee to a Theatre!

Just a couple of weeks ago the good Professor Kaufmann and I were lamenting the offerings at the cinema. We were actually wondering what we were going to force ourselves to see in order to cobble a section together. When a superhero movie and a mainstream faith-based film are the best things left to review, …

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William Fox in 1927 at the height of his career.

William Fox, Hollywood’s Forgotten Mogul

by Chip Kaufmann The next time you watch a TV show on the Fox Network, cheer or hiss a talking head on Fox News, see a movie produced by Twentieth Century Fox (or any studio for that matter), or visit the Fox Theater in Atlanta, then spare a thought for the forgotten man who made …

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