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Robin Williams in Patch Adams.

Robin Williams: Tears of a Clown

by Michelle Keenan On the night of August 11th the world was stunned to learn of the death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams. Making the news even harder to digest was that he had been in a dark enough place to commit suicide. In the world of celebritydom, premature death, be it directly …

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"Third Person" opened in Asheville in late July with only two showings a day.

Helping Films Find Their Audience

in a Short Attention Span Theatre by Chip Kaufmann If you’re a regular reader of Rapid River Magazine’s movie section, then you know that when I write an article it’s usually a profile of some movie person, such as silent movie comedienne Mabel Normand (March 2014). Or, it’s to provide a historical overview on something …

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The Rover

Monthly Reel for July 2014

by Michelle Keenan Usually the summer movie season brings action-packed CGI fests, animated blockbusters and little else. This year that is not the case. Asheville continues to book the usual big budget box office fare as well as a host of smaller titles. Since 2008 the good Professor Kaufmann and I have tried to cover …

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Poster for the first major reboot, Godzilla 1985.

60 Years of Godzilla: From Metaphor to Icon

Who would have thought that a radioactive, fire breathing dragon, originally intended to be a metaphor for the firebombing of Tokyo during World War II, would have turned into a cultural icon known and loved (yes, loved) the world over? Certainly not the Japanese, but that’s exactly what happened with Godzilla. by Chip Kaufmann Who …

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