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Sound Experience

Noam Pikelny, winner of the 2010 Steve Martin Prize 
for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass.

A Match Made in Bluegrass Heaven

Stuart Duncan and Noam Pikelny in concert by James Cassara At the age of 33 Noam Pikelny has already amassed the sort of credentials typical of someone twice his age. The term prodigy is often cavalierly tossed around to the point that it begins to lose all meaning but Pikelny is among those for whom …

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Transfigurations II

Transfigurations II

Interviewed by James Cassara This month I am delighted to showcase Matt Schnable and Mark Capon, the two gents who own Harvest Records store in West Asheville. Since 2004 Harvest Records has set a standard for independently owned record stores and has been nationally recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the best 50 …

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The Toadies: Mark Reznicek, Clark Vogeler, Doni Blair and Todd Lewis (far right).  Photo: Matt Cooper

Toadies Hop into The Orange Peel

While perhaps best known for their 1995 grunge breakthrough “Possum Kingdom” the Toadies have a long and sturdy history, one which roughly correlates with the musical trends of the past quarter century. by James Cassara The band emerged out of Fort Worth, Texas, in 1989; the earliest incarnations were noted for the ever shifting nature …

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Rosco Bandana

Rosco Bandana at The New Mountain Theatre

The Mississippi based band Rosco Bandana proudly describes itself as “the product of teenage rebellion and its consequences; of lost love, false starts and most of all lasting friendships.” by James Cassara It’s a time honored and familiar story; a group of kids, their lives consumed by music, take a chance and follow their dream. …

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