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Should We Be Afraid of Infectious Diseases?

by Max Hammonds, MD Ebola is only the latest infectious disease to make its appearance in the news. Previously there was SARS, MERS, swine flu, and bird flu. All of these viral diseases occurred in third world settings and caused considerable panic until each in its turn dwindled away and disappeared from the world stage. …

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Traveling Health

by Max Hammonds, MD Doctor Bob folded up his stethoscope and put it in his pocket. “Is there anything else I should know, Ken?” He stood at the counter, entering his findings of the yearly physical for this retiree. “No, don’t think so.” Ken buttoned his shirt. “Marie’s home packing. We’re going to the Caribbean …

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Saturated Fat – Is it Now Safe to Eat?

by Max Hammonds, MD Two paramedics stopped for lunch at noon. Matt watched Carl order a large steak sandwich and slather fatty dressing on his salad when it came. “I thought you were on a diet because Doc saw some cardiac irregularities?” Matt asked. “Oh, didn’t you hear the latest?” Carl responded. “We can eat …

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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Food

by Max Hammonds, MD “I’m afraid my food was grown in poor soil and doesn’t have the right nutrition.” “What if my food has been contaminated by pesticides?” “Will I get cancer from my food?” “Did someone irradiate my food?” “Do I need to avoid certain types of food?” These are questions heard by nutritionists …

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