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Testosterone – the New Male Miracle Medicine?

by Max Hammonds, MD A casual perusal of night time television, the sports channels, or the masculine adventure channels will reveal a plethora of ads for testosterone therapy for men who think they have low “T” (testosterone). While twenty-five percent of the males over age 45 have lower than normal testosterone levels, only a small  Continue Reading »

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The Disease of Kings

by Max Hammonds, MD Several of the major characters in Charles Dickens’ novels suffer from inflammatory arthritis. As Dickens described it, an attack of this arthritis would last for several days, would be very painful with a high fever and a red, swollen joint – usually the big toe, but sometimes the ankle or knee.  Continue Reading »

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Devastation in the Making

by Max Hammonds, MD Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a devastating disease. It maims the victim long before it kills the victim by causing an increased incidence of heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, peripheral vascular failure with neurological pain and/or amputation being the most commonly known consequences. In 2010, 25 million Americans were estimated to have  Continue Reading »

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New Guidelines for Elders

by Max Hammonds, MD In early November new guidelines were published for health care professionals to manage people at risk of cardiac or vascular (stroke) disease. The guidelines were written because the old guidelines did not 1) address the risk of stroke, 2) consider younger patients with risk factors but normal cholesterol numbers, and 3)  Continue Reading »


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